Do It

You want to. You know you do. So why don’t you do it?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting what you want. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you want to do. So just… do it.

Do it now before your thoughts move away to something else. Do it now before someone else does it for you. You’ll regret it either way and to regret doing things you clearly want to do is bad. Regret no more. Do what you want, want what you do. Do it in style, do it with aplomb, do it until your knuckles bleed from doing so much. Do it… do it… DO IT!

Jason picked up the hatchet and did it. Eighty-three times in less than ten minutes must be a record of some kind. He did it with a smile, hoping to be forever remembered but everyone forgot about him the moment his brains were splattered on the hotel lobby. People wondered why he did it for ages, but the ages never bothered to answer.

Bored to death, it jumped to another host, different voice, same speech. Bella was beautiful, Bella was sweet, Bella loved knives. She didn’t want to do it… yet.


New Year, New Food

“It’s a New Year!”
“Yes… and the food is old.”
“It’s freezing out there and all the paths are blocked. I can’t go hunting. We’ll have to make do.”
“But I don’t want old food!”
“I already told you…”
* shotgun blast *
The husband collapsed on the table and there was new food in the house.

Don’t Play That Music Again

“So how does this work?”
“It doesn’t. The legend goes that music box only played two times. The first, its owners hanged themselves. The second time, everyone at a wedding felt ill and collapsed.”
“Legend, huh?”
“That’s what I said.”
“Well, that’s kind of creepy but that’s exactly the kind of thing my wife is into so she’s going to love it. How much for it?”
“You can have it for free.”
“Don’t mention it.”
Happy as he could be, Alan got in the car and resumed his trip. It was 5 pm sharp. Still three hundred miles to go before he could finally rest in the arms of his loving family.
At half past six, the music box opened.
The fire is still burning.