Two Suns

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… we have lift-off! The finest of humanity’s gene pool, the cream of crop, and our only hope of survival, is on its way. It is a glorious achievement, a testament to our unmitigated perseverance and we can only thank the men and women who worked hard to make this vessel possible. We will now go live on board The Valliant for a fond farewell to our he… Oh my God, is that fire? It is, one of the engines appears to be overheating as we speak… No, it’s going to…”

The whole world went silent when the ship exploded into a million burning pieces. No tears, no reaction whatsoever. Only one child defied the norm, eyes raised up high. He would never know why the Earth had two suns.


She’s Coming Back

She’s coming back, I believe her. She wouldn’t leave me out here in the cold and rain.

She’s coming back, I believe her. Her car will turn back at any moment, she’ll hold me, smile, say everything is okay and the memory of this day will fade away. Yes, this is what’s going to happen because anything else is unthinkable and unthinkable things can’t happen at all, can they?

She’s coming back, I believe her. She always took good care of me, said I was the most precious thing in the world. It’s not just blood that binds us or an impression of a womb. It’s love, pure and simple, the most powerful force in the universe. It crosses the distance, breaks all barriers. I love her. I know she loves me, too.

She’s coming back, I believe her, but it’s getting dark. I miss the light of my bedroom, the stars projected onto the ceiling. I can only see a blanket of night and billowing clouds, here. This is no place for me yet here I am. I’m hungry.

She’s coming back, I believe her. I have to, yet I’m afraid. I want to crawl away. However, if I do, she’ll miss me when she returns and that’s another unthinkable thing. I have to stay here, be patient. I wish I had a blanket at least.

She’s coming back, I… I… At last!

Mom, what took you so long? Don’t ever do this again, you hear? Now, please take me home and…

Who are you? You’re not a baby even though you walk on all fours and why are you growling at me? Go away, my mom is coming back, my mom is…


Quit While You’re Ahead

“Royal Flush,” Jackson declared, parading the cards around as if they were made of gold. “What do you know, I won again!”

It was the fifth time in a row, and Lady Luck continued to hover around. He reached for his winnings, the mountain of chips collapsed onto his lap. He laughed out loud like he was drunk.

“You’re pissing our host. Quit while you’re ahead,” Matthew leaned to whisper in his ear. Jackson immediately took offence at the unwanted suggestion.

“All my victories have been fair and square so why should I give up? We’re all adults here!”

“Adults we may be…” Matthew continued, his voice trailing off out of nervousness and fear. “… but that doesn’t mean we’re all humans.”

Jackson winced, thoughts defocused. He had already noticed something off about Martin’s golden eyes . The hairs on his arms and the impression of fangs protruding from his cracked lips were new though. A spray of red tainted the black on his hands.

He should have quit while he still had a head.