The Longest Horror Movie Title… Ever!

“I Know What You Did Last Summer when Annabelle and The Woman In Black pierced through The Mist and Saw The House on Haunted Hill Shining or how 28 Days Later the Paranormal Activity of 13 Ghosts connected to The Blair Witch Project initiated a Descent into the realm of The Evil Dead or The Conjuring of Poltergeist by The Last House on the Left where The Hills have Eyes From Dusk ’til Dawn or…”

“Wait a minute,” the producer said. “Don’t you think that title is already running long enough as it is?”

The screenwriter shrugged, somewhat confused. The title was three pages long and he had only read the first paragraph of the first one so…

To this day, the police are still baffled as to why he was found in an alleyway, a movie poster stuffed down his throat.


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