((This concludes the events that began with Eyes and continued in Pale.))


It had them once. About one hundred or more. I heard the accounts, saw the sketches. I wish I could see them, study them, but they’re not here.


Those are, at least. Rows upon rows of deadly natural weapons. I didn’t think it was possible for a creature to have so many. I’ve lost count of them three times in a row now. I should probably start aga…

Ah, interesting… these membranes to the side are like tentacles, or perhaps it’s the other way around. Hard to tell when the flesh is so mangled. The hunters were too zealous and made my work a lot harder than it should be. I could protest, but what’s the point? They only listen to their sticks anyway and I don’t want to see the end of one on my neck.

I’ve been told its locomotion skills were pretty poor but were they really, or was it just because it found itself cornered? It must have panicked, perhaps it screamed. I can’t say that out loud though or they’ll accuse me of heresy or worse. Surely we can’t be the only ones with a soul, right?

What’s this now? It’s gooey, makes my fingers twitch. Black blood or liquid feces? The smell is quite intense either way… I need to step back for a bit, take a breath…

Much better. Moving a little to the right, I can see it drip all over the place. It’s gross. I’m going to need a new table when all of this is done.

Oh, there’s something more… I heard it fall, and it’s rolling my way. It’s an…


No. Egg. Squished. Broken. Cracked. It’s still warm, oozing new life. Oh, God!

There’s more. Two, four, six, eight…

And eyes, real ones, too many to number, all focused on me.


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